Wedding Dance: Whether you are looking to have a classy first dance or a show stopper, the best way to get started is by meeting for a thirty-minute session. During this time, we will discuss your music choice, the dance style we will be doing and get you to the dance floor for some basic steps, where the two of you will be the only students.


Private lessons: One on one sessions are the easiest and fastest way to achieve your goals, our sessions will be forty-five minutes in length, where we will get to work on the dances that are of your interest and those that go with your personality. It is important to mention that you will be the only student on the dance floor to avoid distractions and get the most out of your lesson.

Group Classes: These sessions are forty-five minutes in length and there is a maximum of eight students per class to guarantee a personalized experience. In order to be placed in one of the group classes, to benefit the most, it is highly suggested to sign up for a thirty minute one on one session.

Social Outings: The social outings take place once a month. This is the time where students with the same interest go out to practice in a real setting what they have learned in the studio. At the moment, this social gathering is available to members only.




Ballroom Dance Floor